Ypsi Craftspeople Get Even More Creative To Weather COVID-19 Pandemic

Written By:  Sara Rigg

Published:  December 9, 2020 - Concentrate 


Pittsfield Township resident Robin Carter, owner of She's Simply Beautiful Maxi Dresses, also took advantage of the Ypsi Pop-Up Markets. Carter sells a lot of her product online but says she prefers to interact directly with customers.

"I do better with my business when I'm doing events and can talk to women one-on-one. It's more up close and personal to feel the fabric of the dresses and even try them on," she says.

She adds that working events is a great networking opportunity, and that networking is vital for crafters and small businesses.

"The best part of the business is meeting other people who are passionate about what they're doing," she says. "They love to share the next event coming up or exchange email addresses so you can stay in contact."

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